Week Fifteen – Mountains in the Distance

There has been a rare occasion this week when the sky is blue so we headed out to the mountains.  Unfortunately, the road to where we wanted to go was still covered in snow and some serious debris of fallen trees.

Week Fourteen – Around the Neighborhood

Complaining about rainy weather in Seattle would be complaining about sands in the dessert.  They are everywhere and the only way to cope with the situation is just to accept that it is what it is.

Anyway, the weather circumstance got me home-bound most of the time so here are the pictures from around the neighborhood.

Week Thirteen – Nostalgia

I never consider myself a photographer until I found (I have totally forgotten about it) several old panorama pictures that I took and made – literally made, because I had to cut and taped them together from printed photos.  So this journey to the past looking at my old photos brought me to a realization that I have been a photographer after all since the 90s.

Week Twelve – Spring Has Sprung

Every year around this time of the year, many people in the greater Seattle area are waiting to see the blooming flowers – be it the cherry blossoms at University Washington Quad or the Tulip Festival at Skagit Valley.  The cherry blossom is running late this year due to the unseasonably wet year – but we heard that the daffodils are in full bloom.  They are not as exciting as the colorful tulips but it is a sure sign of spring.

Week Eleven – Spring Walk

It’s nice to be able to go out for a walk after a long spell of rainy and dreary weather.  Seattle is experiencing record amount of measurable rain so far since last October.

Week Ten – Fowl

My birdfeeder is working it’s magic and attracting several birds in the area.  I don’t know how the birds find it (or know when I refill the feed) but they seems to know almost exactly when to come in droves. (Well, except for the golden eye duck, I had to go to Elliot Bay Marina to shoot it.)

Week Nine – Weather Woes

Last week when we were in Vegas – the weather was chillier than average (we brought the PNW chill with us) and when we returned – we double down on the weather woes.  According to the weatherpeeps data, it’s been a long while since Seattle has seen it’s share of the yellow sun.

Week Eight – Four States in Seven Days

We are in Vegas for eight days and spent less than a couple hours inside casinos. Las Vegas is not just casinos – there are so many other more interesting stuff to do (if you are not into gambling). So we drove about 1,800 miles to the Death Valley in CA, Grand Canyon in AZ, Zion National Park in UT and the Valley of Fire in NV (and Vegas and Red Rock Canyon).  We saw summer (ish), definitely winter, and a bit of spring.

Week Seven: Staycation

This whole week I am playing tour guide to and old friend an her family and have an opportunity to be  a tourist in my new hometown.  It is always great to be able to go places and take pictures.

Week Six – Part Two: Birds of Feather

It started with the owls last week and suddenly I am thrust into the world of birds – I find myself consciously trying to get better (and closer) pictures of birds.  The weirdest part is that I am starting to notice them.  I used to see them, but this is the first time that I am noticing them 🙂

My birdfeeders do help.


Shaking off the Rain


I have Hummingbird


Red Eye


Little Chickadee




Swimming in Formation


Soft Landing