April 8, 2012 – Reminiscence of Summer

It is Easter Sunday but there is no bunny here.  The weather has been really nice – this has been a great winter and spring.  Sure occasional frost have punished some of the impatient blooms but other than that, it has been a spring to enjoy.  We played golf yesterday (and Kelly spent the last couple days with her friends) but I didn’t bring my camera.  For once, I decided to just enjoy the golf instead of documenting it.  I think that’s the problem with us fauxtographer, we tend to view many things as a photo opportunities than just simply enjoying it.  (Of course, on the other side of the coin, we can always look back at the photo and recall that day – that is – IF we can still find the photo.)   Anyway, Kelly decided to climb up to her tree platform/house and reminiscing about the hours she spent here in summer.


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