May 16, 2012 – Tang Lang Bu Chan

The title is from an ancient Chinese saying that roughly means that a mantis was stalking a cicada unaware that it was being stalked by a bird  (Disney Studio would probably just call it “Hakuna Matata”. )   This is an interesting saying because it doesn’t just convey the cycle of life (which it is)  but it also allows the players in the cycle of life to be aware of the cycle, thus could use a little bit of caution to avoid being the prey in the cycle of life. It conveys message of survival.

I could not believe my luck today, in a very short distance – about a foot apart I saw a big fly eating a mosquito and big black jumping spider near it.  Before long I suddenly realized that they weren’t just hanging out.  The spider was stalking the fly waiting for the perfect moment to turn the fly into its prey.  It was then that I remembered that ancient Chinese saying.  If I was stalking a spider who was stalking a fly eating a mosquito, who is stalking me???


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