May 30, 2012 – Finally!

I have been trying for the last two months – whenever I am taking pictures of flying insects (bees especially) – to photograph flying bees suspended in the air.  The problem with the plan is that the bees are not the most cooperative of insects.  They never stay still long enough.  Today I was sitting by the lavender patch for about 30 minutes and tried to photograph one or two bees that were buzzing around.  I was quite desperate and resorted to setting up a honey trap (literal honey trap – dab some honey on some flowers) but it didn’t seems to work.  Fortunately, even though that honey trap didn’t work, the number of bees doubled from two to four.  They seemed to be less worried about me – so I stalked an area they seem to frequent a lot (no, not the honey trapped section) and finally was able to snap a couple of decently sharp photos of the flying bees.

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