May 31, 2012 – 153 Days, 171 Photos and 26 Countries Later

I have been blogging for 153 days (even though the WordPress site officially started on February 25th, and during that time, have posted a total of 171 photos because some days I posted more than one photos.  There had been challenges (last minute mad dash to take a picture – any picture!) and there had been tough decisions because there were too many decent photos to choose from.  There was triumph when the blog had 89 visitors in a day (not much for some of you – it is the busiest day to date) and there was disappointment with only two visitors (and those two visitors were myself) .

Above all else, I personally believe that I am starting to understand my camera a little more.  Each day, I know slightly more than I did the day before.  I learned from my mistakes (a lot of them), I learned from and inspired by other bloggers (by visiting my visitor’s blog – thank you for visiting!). I am beginning to be able to visualize the photos I want to see and am able to start figuring out what I need to do to make it (OMG! did I just implied that I made a picture instead of simply took a picture???).  I troll online tutorials from famous photographers so that I can understand photography more.  In short, I am officially obsessed with photography.  I have learned so much and so much more to learn.

I understand that there will still be plenty of ups and downs before the year end and I sincerely hope that you (my visitors and other bloggers) will be here to see the journey through.  It has been a journey of love – taking pictures make me happy.

Comments, shout outs and criticisms are most welcome.  Thank you for visiting, I will see you in June.  By the way – the photo above is of the traveling carnival by the Maple Leaf Amusements at the soccer field in the neighborhood.

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