June 7, 2012 – (Not) Playing Golf

It started with “hm, I should do another photo of the water drop” outdoor instead of using flash.  So, I filled up my firebowl and turned it into a temporary birdbath.  Set up the camera, filled a water bottle, poked a hole and started photographing.  As you can you, it didn’t work – no water drop photo, (I will try again some other time) so I decided to try to catch the splash caused by falling golf ball – what better way to combine my two hobbies.  The one picture that I really like, the golf ball was out of focus, so I have to settle with this one.  All in all, today’s photo is a failure.  Live and learn.


14 thoughts on “June 7, 2012 – (Not) Playing Golf

    • Thank you very much – some days, the creativity is a product of necessity. Thank you for visiting and feel free to meander and stay as long as you like – comments are always welcome and appreciated

    • Thank you Andreas. I am glad that you and Katie didn’t think it was failure. I really appreciate the words of encouragement – I look back and started seeing it in a different point of view (in its entirety instead of just the splash) and I am beginning to see that it wasn’t as bad 🙂

    • I really do like the second photo – the only thing that troubled me was that the golf ball was not in focus – the splash is nice and in focus – had the golf ball in focus, it would probably be the perfect picture 🙂

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