Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship – June 10, 2012

A Rabbi and a Monk walked into …. wait – this is not a joke – this is the beginning of a different story 😉

Today I found myself, by coincidence, at  the annual  “World Religion Prayers for Peace & Buddha’s Light Vegetarian Food Fair” in Mississauga, Ontario at Fo Guan Shang Temple of Toronto .  It was a very  very interesting event, all the vegetarian food vendor you can find – I am guessing that it was thousands of people there.  You get to see Dragon Dance (and dragon eyes dotting ceremony), Lion Dance and Martial arts exhibitions etc.  It was a scorching hot day and amidst the sea of thousands of people, I was transfixed by a Rabbi (in his yarmulke) and a Buddhist monk sharing an umbrella.  I took a lot of pictures of them – some even from the front to see their faces.  However, (you know that I am not good with photographing people) I like this one that you don’t get to see too much of the faces.  Just a couple of people, who couldn’t be more different, on a hot summer day in Mississauga, sharing an umbrella.  Seemingly oblivious to the surrounding (yep, thousands of people) – now, THAT is Friendship.

I included the photo-pictures of the dignitaries attending the event – as the theme said “World Religion” there are quite a lot of religions (and culture) represented.


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