June 30, 2012 – Half Full / Half Empty

Depending on who you are or your outlook in life – this glass is either half full or half empty.  Whichever the case is, you are absolutely right!  I am not going to argue with anyone one way or another.  The truth is, it doesn’t really matter.  Pessimists help us to prepare for the worst case scenario.  If and when that wort case scenario actually come to pass, we will thank all the pessimist for getting us ready (like I think I am ready for the zombie apocalypse) – and the optimists help us enjoy our days.  So, I am happy with both of you.

Today marked the halfway point of my one photo a day project.  I had my doubt when the project started but the increasing Likes & Follows keep me going and posting.  So, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for all of you, whom knowingly or unknowingly, helped me persevere – than you.


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