July 4, 2012 – Celebration

Americans know how to celebrate 4th of July.  The days leading to and around July 4th are always very interesting.  I am planning to visit Bay City for their major fireworks display in  a couple days – it is supposed to be one of the best ones they have ever done, so I should have (hopefully) plenty of fireworks photos.   Anyway, I took this picture from the point of the view of the neighbor looking at the American celebration.  Sitting by the shore of Sarnia at Point Edwards and looking at all these fireworks display was amazing.  The only way to show the extend of the celebration was using a panorama photo.  I forgot to bring the shoe for the tripod so I had to improvise by putting the camera on a rock wall.  I found out later (to confirm my suspicion) that these are all private fireworks by the citizens of Port Huron.  Michigan have just legalized the sale and use of fireworks this year and looking at this celebration, I would say that it’s about time.  Happy 4th of July, America!


2 thoughts on “July 4, 2012 – Celebration

  1. Now that is what fireworks and celebration is all about. Just amazing and beautiful view of the bay with all the lights and the fireworks display. I agree, it is about time in regards to legalizing the fireworks. And you have a breathaking capture to show why. Thanks.

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