July 6, 2012 – Pills

North Americans are (turning into / already are) pill society.  We seems to have pills for everything.  I am not complaining (sometimes) because these pills help me with my literal pain in the neck that I have been fighting for the last 3 weeks (that’s why some days the photo suffered – too painful to be creative).  However, sometimes I see that we may be over reliant on pills.  I have heard some elementary school children that are in constant need to pills for hyperactivity or whatever.   I remember growing up that being hyper was just being a child.  We got into so much trouble and looking back it is amazing that we made it out of the 20th century alive without the benefit of too much pills.


3 thoughts on “July 6, 2012 – Pills

  1. Call me a geek, but I’m going to make a suggestion for your neck, which fixed my problem. Get a buckwheat pillow.
    I have pain in upper vertebra, stiff and painful neck, couldn’t turn my neck at times, and so on… Not to be too boring here… I got a buckwheat pillow and it worked like magic. For over a year now, no pain, AT ALL, and it had been years and years… Try one!

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