July 8, 2012 – Oh Deer !

One of the most interesting parts of playing golf (other than playing golf itself, which is debatable) is the opportunity to roam [read: spending a lot of unnecessary time in the woods instead of the nicely manicured part] around a resort looking type and the opportunity to see nature.  You get to see a lot of birds (that somehow smart enough to squawk very loudly on your back swing thus giving you an excuse to take a mulligan), golf-gulls (not seagulls because there are no sea around here – so my daughter and I call it golf-gulls) trying to hatch the golf balls, cranes, fish, poison ivy [eeek!], and of course, deers.

This family of deers were watching us very curiously as we were driving down the fairway on hole 17 at the Bay Valley Resort Golf Course.  Maybe it was saying: “Hey, did you just hit the golf ball into the woods? – it almost hit my babies.  Next time you must yell “FORE!” and then they walked away.  My golf buddy felt so bad after he was reprimanded by the deers and proceeded to hit the next shot at the next hole into the water. No, no mermaid came out to yell at us.  The US Government via The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had just announced that mermaid does not exist. Whew!!!


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