July 15, 2012 – Soft Landing

Another hot day and I decided to play golf in the morning to get away from working around the house for a while.  I tidied up the shed yesterday and today will be doing  the garage.  The thing about most American’s garage is that it is usually full of everything but car.  Mine is no different.  I got rid of a lot of junk – tomorrow the Waste Management people won’t be very happy 😉

Anyway – I was at the Swan Valley golf course and I saw this flock of geese trying to distract me on my backswing.  Being equally mischievous as the geese – I decided to take a preemptive action and chase the geese (with camera on hand, of course) – as they scramble from the shore when they heard the noise – I started taking pictures.  This photo is a composite of two images because I want to see more than one geese doing their soft landing in the pond.


5 thoughts on “July 15, 2012 – Soft Landing

  1. excellent work with the pictures and bringing them together as one. And about the garage: Have seen a lot of them in Germany the same way. The cars had to be parked outside since there was no space left between bikes, gardening tools, spare parts and other stuff 🙂 Cheers! Andreas

    • Ha ha – nice to know that Germans are the same. You described it exactly – too many bikes, gardening tools and junk in garage (and most of them probably of little value) and here we are putting a $20,000 equipment outside 🙂

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