July 31, 2012 – The Picture that Would Have Been


I was kicking myself all day today then I realized that I am not a fauxtographer for nothing – so, to make light of today’s epic fail – I wrote a poem to commemorate it 🙂 – I called this poem “a Fauxtographer’s Lament”

A quick flash at the corner of my eye
Looks like something is brewing up high
I walked out and gazed at the sky
Sure enough I saw signs that storm is nigh

Loud rumbles and some lightning
Howling wind and flying debris abound
A telltale sign of a major warning
This is going to be a big one

I grabbed my Nikon and tripod in hand
rushed to the field at a perfect spot
Adrenaline pumping with anticipation
Tonight is the night – I got it on the dot

Speedy glance at the viewfinder
Good composition and I was ready as ever
Set to manual, fifteen-seconds exposure
This is the moment – I was very sure

I fired and fired and fired away
At some great major light show in the sky
Awestruck at the raw power in display
Rain came – I had enough photos for the day

Or so I thought – because much to my dismay
All the great shots I thought I captured today
All the lightning are blurry and crappy
Because alas – I forgot to focus it properly

I shall be telling this with much regrets
about the pictures that would have been best
ISO, Aperture, white balance and shutter are great
But you better kept the focus right!


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