August 30, 2012 – Apriums

Kelly and I enjoy trying new things – so when I saw this Apriums at our local Sam’s Club during a chance shopping – I decided that we should try it.  Now I am sure that this Aprium has been in existence for a while – I just never really paid attention to it.  It is just like the Katniss post, one you start thinking about something – you will start noticing it.

Apriums:  The warm, sunny flavor of an apricot combined with the juicy texture and subtle flavor of a plum.  The Apriums, Like plumcots (or Pluots) are hybrid fruit – a cross between an apricot and a plum, with a higher percentage of apricot characteristics. While apriums have the exterior appearance of an apricot, the flavor has perceptible plum qualities and a firm yet juicy flesh.  – in short – it is very juicy and tastes really good.

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