August 31, 2012 – Once in a Blue Moon

If you know people who know people who know that you like to take pictures, one of those nice people would have told you about the blue moon.  I have been waiting for today since the beginning of the month – for today was the day that only occurs once in a blue moon.  All of you know the meaning of the phrase – something that doesn’t happen often – a very rare occurrence.  With the hype about blue moon on the internet – one can’t help but look up the sky on August 31, 2012 to gaze at the blue moon.

Of course, this type of blue moon is not really rare at all – it wasn’t even blue. A little googling will tell you that this event happens every two to three years.  It is called blue moon to identify a month that has two full moon day.  That’s All!  Will this fact stop this fauxtographer in setting up his camera and trying to photograph it – not a chance!  Of course, all the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men – I forgot to reset the photo size in this camera – the D90  (I have been shooting with the D200 for the last couple days and this D90 was still set to small pictures from several days ago when I ran out of memory space), so I can’t really crop it very close.  I don’t call myself a fauxtographer for no reason, eh!

By the way, since I don’t want the term blue moon is used in vain, I decided to make the moon a little blue to live up to its name – it’s quite easy – I set my camera white balance to incandescent ant shoot.  I got myself a blue moon.

15 thoughts on “August 31, 2012 – Once in a Blue Moon

  1. Woowwww! holy cow that is an awesome photo. the info was actually really interesting to me, I thought blue moons happened, well, as you so often said hahha, once in a blue moon lol. i guess not – it’s still far apart, i mean so much can happen in a few years, but i thought it was like once a decade or much more! Thank you for your like and your follow too =)

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