September 11, 2012 – Mount Royal

One of the plaque on top of Mt. Royal read: “On October 2nd 1535, Jacques Cartier discoverer of Canada, climbed this mountain under the guidance of the Indian village of Hochelaga and, impressed with the beauty of the landscape displayed before his eyes, he gave it the name of Mount Royal.  “From which the city of Montreal took it’s name.”  Today, almost half a century later the view is still astonishing.  I think the city has done a great job in keeping the legacy thus even with all buildings, the city is surprisingly green and teeming with life.  Heck, even the raccoons are friendly here.

Near the Parc Mont Royal, Montréal, Québec is this cool statue with even cooler inscription “Le Canadá doit être un pays de liberté, et toutes les libertés doivent être protégées para la loi.  or in English “Canada must be a country of liberties, and all liberties must be protected by the law.”

When the sun goes down – the city springs up in vibrant colors and lights.  the sidewalk cafes, the sound of music from the pubs and the lines of people, young and old, unwinding or even rewinding.  We took a walk around the hotel to a sidewalk musical fountain near Uqam – just sitting by the sidewalk was rejuvenating.

We certainly could not call the night without having a good look at this good “book” by the fountain.  What a day!


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