September 25, 2012 – Do You Know Your Kid’s Phone Number?

Once upon a time, not too long ago we used to have penmanship,  send post cards and even write letters.  We made phone calls and if we were rich, we get to make the phone calls at home.  If we were super rich, we could make a phone call in our car.  Then the world moved on.  The internet happened and it changed everything.  Now we make and receive phone calls everywhere.  Accidentally leaving our cellphone at home is now a source of extreme panic.  We now use our phones to write letter (wait, type letter), take picture send postcards (instagrams) and of course, check and send emails.  Suddenly, everything we do, involves a cellphone.

A TV show “Revolution” last night showed one character was so frustrated because she couldn’t see her children’s photos due to the fact that all the photos were in her cellphone – no electricity, suddenly no access her digital files.  It reminded me of how much we have really relied on electronics to manage our life.  The TV show showed us how fickle is our illusion of electronic ownership.  I have thousands of photographs that I took saved in the multiple hard drives back up that would really be useless if there is no electricity and computers to read them.  Actually, a couple years ago, I was freaked out by the notion that one powerful solar flare could send all our precious memories to nothingness that I started converting my photos into photobooks – a slow process that at least it will be something.

Anyway, back to cellphones – after that show, I just realized that even though that I can call my daughter or my wife anytime, I don’ really know their number.  If my cellphone dies tomorrow, the only number I remember would probably be my home phone number.  It is a scary thought.  I should start dialing the phone numbers again instead of using the address book.  Maybe I could start remembering my daughter’s phone number so if I somehow wakes up Canada, for example, I can actually call her from a payphone that accepts coins.  So, do you know your kid’s phone number?

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