September 30, 2012 – It Takes Three Days

The moon reflection was taken from a different shot thus the ripple looks a little bit off

The original title for this post was “Harvest Moon” because I was out there photographing this gorgeous harvest moon rise. However, I am still adjusting my capabilities in using the D200.  I felt like operating with my hands tied behind my back without my D90 and 18-270 lens – I have just realized that throughout the years – I have grown to rely so much on that combination of camera and lens.  It’s taking me a while to adapt to this change.

Anyway, the harvest moon picture didn’t turn out as I expected so I had to do some Photoshop magic to make it into a half presentable image – which brings me to the quote from the TV show “Bones.”   One of the quotes is  “That there’s no such thing as objectivity. That we’re all just interpreting signals from the universe and trying to make sense of them. Signals from the universe. Dim, shaky, weak, staticky, little signals that only hint at the complexity of a universe that we cannot begin to comprehend.”  That our perception of reality (or truth) can be altered.  George M. Stratton, a psychologist conducted a study in 1890 that gave birth to perception adaptation.  Perceptual adaptation is the means by which the brain accounts for the differences that the subject may witness, particularly alterations in the visual field. For example, if an individual’s visual field is altered forty five degrees left, the brain accounts for the difference allowing the individual to function normally (wikipedia)

Bones said “”It takes three days for a brain to adapt…. Three days for the universe to turn right side up again.”


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