October 6, 2012 – Change

One of my Facebook friends posted a very neat photo of  multiple color leafs and I said to myself  “Now, how come I’ve never thought about that?”  so I came up with the most sensible answer to the question “I am going to plagiarize the idea”  –  Wait, did I say plagiarize?  What I meant was that I am going flatter my friend’s ingenuity by imitating it  😉 – right?  there was a very smart man that said “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  So I set out on my bike and ride around the neighborhood looking for the multiple color leafs – my backyard donated some (I had to climb the shed to reach some of the acceptable ones).  It was freezing  and quite windy out there today – was I glad that I wasn’t planning to play golf today.

Anyway, rambling aside, the idea of the leaves changes color in one photo is just so amazing.  A very simple and yet very fascinating idea – there is a short window when that can be achieved and the photo would say plenty.  Birth, growth and eventually, demise all in one stretch.  Just like us.


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