Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy – October 9, 2012

Happy.  One simple unassuming word that says a lot.  It means different thing to different person and even different thing to the same person at different time.  Once upon a time, books made me happy.  I can still remember the smell of brand new books, the smell of bookstore when I walked into Waldenbooks or Barnes & Noble and all the rest of the brick and mortar bookstores that are no longer with us.  I remember that there was a time in my life that all I ever wanted was to own a bookstore or a library.  I even sketched out a special private  library reading room that that is accessible only from a hidden place.  I remember how happy I was buying and opening a new book for the first time – the smell and the texture of the paper.  I remember the joy I felt when I finally completed my Agatha Christie’s collection.  I was even crazy enough at some point to try to count how old Dirk Pitt (Clive Cussler) really is if I started his timeline.  Yeah, that was a long time ago.  Now, I can fit more books than anyone can ever read in a lifetime in my book reader.  I did quit reading for a while and only picked up reading again because of the advancement of digital reading technology.  Of course, there is no replacing the feeling of the feel and smell of a book.

After I quit reading, I found a new hobby that made me happy – golf. I was again, crazy enough to think about collecting logo golf balls like the ones you see below.  I would say that at some point, I was obsessed with golf.  I played golf when the sun shine, when the sun don’t shine and some other weather pattern that I can put up with.  So, golf was one of the things that made me happy.  And then, as sudden (or maybe slow, I am not sure) as it came – it went away  I have found a new thing that make me happy.  Taking pictures make me happy for now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy with books or with playing golf.  Happy is not the absence of unhappiness.  I still find pleasures in golf and the challenge but it no longer makes me as happy as it used to be.


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