October 25, 2012 – Goal

You have heard all the cliche about the importance of having a goal.  That you can’t shoot anything unless you aimed for something, or that you should shoot for the star and if you fail you will at least landed on the moon (or the peak of Mt. Everest) and so on and so forth.  The reality is, of course, is not as easy as it sounds like.  What if you landed in the ocean, or the great barrier reef and got crushed to pieces and if the rocks didn’t get you first, the sharks will.  What if you target is so large that hitting something is better than hitting nothing at all (you like, like a gang of bad guys coming at you with their machetes and you are holding an AK-47 and you just want to take as many of the baddies with you – just like in the movies.)

However, the scarier part of goal is having one and achieving it by dedicating your whole life to, only to realize that it isn’t what you have always wanted  (or that you have evolved so much that what you have always wanted when you started, is no longer what you still want when you get there.)   So, as you can see, sometime achieving your goal (the wrong one) could be worse.  So, when you are setting your goals, do your research, go “time traveling” and see where you want to be and need to in the future and see if the end result would still be something you still want when you get there.

This remind me of story of three guys walking to a tree in a snow covered field.  I shall wait until it snow (which at this rate, won’t be too long of a wait) so I can take a picture and tell that story. To be continued ….

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