Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign – October 27, 2012

I was thinking about this week’s challenge “Foreign” and realized that it is not as easy as it sounded like.  The problem is that things that are foreign at one place, would be perfectly domestic for other vice versa.  I could easily take a photo of the street signs in Canada (in kilometers) thus will be perfectly foreign for the Americans but almost every where else in the world, that photo would be perfectly not foreign.  I know I am over thinking this, but hey – it was fun thinking about it.

Anyway, we bought this pineapple and the texture of pineapple always looks very interesting – so I decided to show a “foreign” world by using macro photography.  Also below is the photograph of Kelly’s 3D artwork that also looks foreign to me.  It is very interesting that the poem she chose was the same Robert Frost poem in the Promises to Keep post

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