November 11, 2012 – Niagara Glen

We are back at the Niagara Falls and no, there is no picture of the falls.  We were actually at the Niagara Glen – it is a hiking trail that allows you get very close and personal to the Niagara river.  There are a lot of activities due to the heatwave today (around 67 degrees), people fishing, hiking along the trails and just relaxing – observing the nature.

When we were here last week, we didn’t see this part (the glen), it was too cold anyway at the time.  This trail would have been really great during early fall.  I can imagine how the colorful leaves would just bring this place to life.  However, for today, the serenity is enough.  After the couple hours hike we went to the Niagara Botanical Garden.  There are much more to see here than just the falls.

It was a fun day until I made the wrong turn and ended up crossing the border to the U.S.A side.  All I need to say is. “Don’t make that mistake!”


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