November 12, 2012 – Lipstick on a Pig

Well, I took a, for the lack of a better word, crappy picture of the day and I took only 3 (three equally crappy ones).  So, I did my best, tried to use all the Photohopping skills I have, I applied filters, lasso, quick selection, even more filters, saturation, level, masking and everything else that I can think of.  However, sometimes, when something is ugly to the core, it is ugly.  Like putting a lipstick on a pig, it may look colorful, but it will still be a pig nonetheless.  In this situation, we just to have accept it and hopefully try to find some sliver of beauty – come to think of it, who doesn’t like some bacon every now and then, right?


4 thoughts on “November 12, 2012 – Lipstick on a Pig

  1. Would you be very angry at me if I told you that I have no idea what this is? But that’s exactly what makes this photo so mysterious!
    And about the bacon, you could wake me up for crispy salty bacon anytime.

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