November 15, 2012 – Postal

This unassuming mailbox is an interesting form of social (yes, federal law too) contract.  Even without a lock and everyone practically have easy access to its content – there are very few mail thefts.  Of course, in the future, our children’s children may no longer know what this is.  For a lot of people, mailbox is something in a computer.  USPS will eventually go away unless it is capable in adapting to the new world.


2 thoughts on “November 15, 2012 – Postal

    • I hear you. There is something to be said about old fashioned hand written letter (hopefully in cursive) but the impatient generation will not want to wait 2 two days or more to receive a letter. Texting has a more instant gratification. Eventually USPS will probably evolve to FedEx or UPS to survive. Until 3D printer can print a real and usable laptops or whatever our shopping needs are, we will still rely on someone to carry the products to our doorsteps. It will surely be doomed if someone invent a ‘teleporter” 😉

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