December 2, 2012 – Ford Field


I am not (an American)  football fan, but it didn’t stop me from jumping at the opportunity to go to Ford Field to watch the game, LIVE.  This was the game between Detroit Lions versus Indianapolis Colts.  Since I don’t know much about the game (I know about touchdowns and some of the standard terminology) I found myself enjoying it much more than my buddies (who are diehard Lions fan).  There was a kid who sat behind my row who knew more about the game and the players than I could ever hope for.  This is also the first football game that I watch at its entirety.

If you are a football fan (especially if you are a fan of either Lions or Colts) you will most likely talk about this game from years to come.  The Lions was leading the whole game and until the last three seconds.  So, if you want to know how excruciatingly long three-seconds are, you can ask the Detroit Lions fan.  All they need to do was to protect a lead for three more seconds.  The Lions lost 33-35.

On November 17, 2012 I talked about Rashomon Effect and after watching and talking about this – I realized that this is one of the perfect example of the Rashomon effect.  On how people will notice (and perceive) different thing looking at the same event.  The Lions fans will tell you that this is one of the most devastating defeat of the Lions and The Colts fans will say that this one of their really great last minute comeback.  I was just there to take it in an enjoy the game.



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