December 9, 2012 – Solitary


The arctic onslaught continue to oppress the city, the weather person was calling for sleet and hail. I am not much of a winter person, I don’t snow snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing or polar plunging but I like the winter scene in December.  Snowy December makes Christmas more magical.  That being said, I would like propose to have all the snow be removed and stored away by January 15th (yes, I can be persuaded to agree to wait even until January 31st) .  If we can shorten winter in Michigan for just two (strategic) months, this place could truly be one of the most wonderful place to be.

Anyway, as the holiday season draw nearer, people tend to do crazier stuff.  Holiday expectations tend to drive some people over the edge and consequently some bad things during this time.  The expectations of parents being able to provide presents under the tree, new toys, new clothes etc can be too much to some people.  Many people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, that it is not about the presents but the celebration and family spending time together.  And sometimes, if you are all alone, just remember that you can be solitary and not lonely.


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