December 13, 2012 – Nightscape


Tonight is the night of the meteor shower Geminid and I was up all night and saw about twelve (seriously, 12 – what are the odds!) meteor in the span of one hour around 1 am.  This photo was taken much earlier while I was testing the camera setting making sure that I will be ready.  Sad to report that I failed to capture a single meteor on camera.  The good news is that the nightscape result turned out better than the one I did during summer – the one that I tried to photograph the milky way on June 22   I think next time when I have the opportunity again – the result would be better  because I think I may have learned a couple things from my failed escapades.  I started shooting RAW and it allowed me a slightly better post production tweaking.

On this picture I like how the two branches on the left hard corner sees to reach out and try to grab the stars.  To be truly honest, it wasn’t planned that way, I just needed some foreground interest to shoot and this accidental compositional element is interesting.


5 thoughts on “December 13, 2012 – Nightscape

  1. Beautiful shot! I saw about the same amount last night. I took about 50 shots and was as unsuccessful as you – every time I moved the tripod a huge one would streak across the sky where I was just aimed…

  2. Yes do like ! So hard getting sky photos I have heard . Well done with this !
    We didn’t see 😦
    Did see Perseids in full streaking mode last August tho’ and that was wonderful.

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