December 17, 2012 – God Gave Us Memory


God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December – or nowadays, a decent florist.  Growing up I remember seeing a poster of a rose with that caption on and I think it may have caused some fascination in me with quotations – because I remember that I used to write down good quotes that I found.  I still do it nowadays, however, with internet, it is no longer necessary to remember the entire quote.  As long as I remember part of it, I should be able to find it on the internet.

I think there is a danger of search engine, I think it may cause us and our future generations to only have short term memories.  There is really no reason to have good memory anymore if any knowledge you are seeking are freely and easily available on the internet.  I rely heavily on the internet and on the days that I have no ready access to the internet – I find myself much dumber.  So, may be we need this God given memories after all – just in case there are no florist or search engine 🙂


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