December 18, 2012 – Say “Merry Christmas”


Every year in the last several years there has been plenty of political correction movement to change the Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays.  Although I do not have affiliation with Christianity (or other organized religion for that matter) I think we should all accept the fact that December 25th is a Christmas day.  Thus, wishing people Merry Christmas is NOT the wrong thing to do and shouldn’t be changed to Holiday.  Unless of course, everyone agrees to change the calendar.  Until then, December 25th will always be Christmas Day.  So, say Merry Christmas.

If you meet people who wish you Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanza, by all means respect their traditions and wish them Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanza in return.  It is about tradition.  We are what we are today because of who we were.  Let’s not be revisionists.  If the atheists or agnostics or other non-organized religions or beliefs come up with some celebration for that day and they would like to wish you, let’s say, Happy Snoopy day, then by all means, Happy Snoopy day.  Because Freedom of speech and respects are two way streets.


4 thoughts on “December 18, 2012 – Say “Merry Christmas”

  1. I wish a happy Rastafarian Day in advance to you already 🙂 Seriously though, Agree with what you are writing. I sense this overdoing with the political correctness over here, too. And it gets massive! Right now, you even would need to be careful whom to wish a nice holiday, because for the majority in China, they don’t care at all since their New Year is some time in February. Anyway, I hope, you have a nice Christmas time, from one Atheist to another 🙂

    • I could really dig Happy Rastafarian Day. This political correctness campaign in really causing a lot of unnecessary frictions (and hillarities if you read the Politically Correct Bedtime Stories) people just need to chill a little bit because sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. I think I need to start campaigning for Agnostic Month – January should be perfect. Because like Janus – Agnostics can’t really decide whether or not there is God.

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