Year 2 – January 1, 2013 – Sign From Above


Signs from above U + God = 🙂


Happy New Year.

Day five of our Florida vacation and I get to play golf all day.  I signed up for this deal at Mystic Dunes Golf club where I get to play all day with one flat fee.  My round I was paired with a father on son from North Carolina – whose son was very talented and being primed for future golf professional.  At the age of 11 he played as well, maybe even a little bit better, as myself.  I am by no means a good golfer, but not too shabby either but the boy was very good.  At the age of 11 I didn’t even know what golf was.  Later in the round we had a guy from Clearwater, FL joined us also because the round was very slow.  You would think that a lot of people would be too hungover for golf.

Halfway in the round I heard this loud engine noise up above and saw this sign from above – a skywriting.  I guess if someone was a dire strait and needs a sign from above, that would be as good as any.  It would make a believer of anyone looking for the sign at that exact time.  Other than that sign, there a few interesting to see at the golf course.  Some girl whom decided to just stayed at one of the green for no reason.  For the longest we thought something may be wrong with her and she may walked into the pond any moment.


This was after she walked towards the pond and looked like she was ready to walk in



This may be a normal view from Floridians – but this a rarity


This hanging moss-like vegetation is all over the trees that I see in Florida



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