Year 2 – January 2, 2013 – Lake Jesup


Osprey nest behind the Black Hammock Restaurant

Lake Jesup is one of the largest lakes in Central Florida and it is also considered as one of the most densely populated with alligators.  We headed to this lake because Kelly wanted to see alligators in the wild.  We arrived at the Black Hammock restaurant to a very very crowded parking lot.  I may have only been here one time (a few years ago) but the helicopter hovering above and the television crew were definitely sure signs that something is afoot. There was a search and rescue ongoing for two people who fell overboard a couple nights ago.

Their boat was found on the shore and their fate unknown.  So, with all the activities around the lake, I doubt that any sane alligator will be around.  So we just hung around and photograph the wildlife that are accustomed to human.


would have been great if I had better angle – but beggars can’t be choosers


more oranges – this by the parking lot


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