Year 2 – January 27, 2013 – Shiver On the River


Never Seen Before View of Saginaw

The 26th Annual Saginaw Spirit Shiver on the River, Walleye Fishing Contest began yesterday.  Yesterday, when I was driving back from Frankenmuth, I saw these people and tents in the middle of the frozen Saginaw River, so I made a point to visit today.  This is another event that has been going for a long time that I never took the time to visit thus today will be another first.  It was very interesting really, to be able to walk in the middle of the river.  I would imagine not too many people have seen something like this.  The picture above would be very hard to take (in the middle of a boat maybe) but on the frozen river, that was a breeze.

They didn’t name Shiver On the River on a whim – because it was quite cold.  After about half an hour walking on the river, I found it quite hard to speak in clear sentences because my face was frozen.


They Are Shivering Their Behind Off – Some are More Comfortable Than Other


View from Underneath Saginaw Bridge


I Have Always Wanted to Photograph This Railroad Track Across the River


I Don’t Know What This Wooden Stakes Are – Maybe Some Kind Walkway in the Past

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