Year 2 – February 3, 2013 – Change

6 pm ET - no more snow

6 pm ET – no more snow

Here is the cliche that we have all heard of by Heraclitus “Change is the only constant in life” – we hear it so often and it loses its meaning – thus the cliche.  It is however, still true.  Whether we like it or not, everyday, we change.  We change as when we are awake, we change when we step out of our house, we even changes when we sleep.  Yet, many of us have been accused of not being the same anymore.  Heck, we are probably even guilty of throwing the same accusations too.

I think once we embrace the fact that change is inevitable, we may start taking an advantage of it.  One of most favorite tenets of change is the term “Kai Zen.” It means continuous improvement.  It is a term made famous by Toyota manufacturing.  They even have several job titles related to Kai Zen.  As a matter of fact, I know a guy whose job title is a “Kai Zen Expert” – how cool is that! – of the most interesting things he told was that there was one time he was presented a problem and was asked what he was going to do about it – he said “I’m going to Kaizen the s**t out of it.”  Classic!


2:30 PM ET – it started to snow again


3:00 PM A couple Days ago


2 thoughts on “Year 2 – February 3, 2013 – Change

  1. Hey Uda this is your good friend Renee we meet at the spirt game I was with my boyfriend Adam . I’m now a follower of your work yea ! Was wondering if you could send the pic that you took of us at the game if u still have it if not its ok . Your pics are amazing ! Happy to have joined !

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