Year 2 – February 27, 2013 – Heart Attack Snow


Today I woke up to very heavy snow – the TV station call it hart attack snow because many people have heart attack shoveling snow – especially heavy snow.  Heavy snow is much harder to shovel because one shovelful of puffy dry snow can be handled easily with one hand, however on shovelful of heavy wet snow will take all one’s strength to move.  Because of that, (older) people, then to overexert themselves thus possibly getting a heart attack.  There are many type of snow, some are puffy and light – you can’t make snowman out of that type of snow, some are heavy and a lot other type.

Margaret Atwood was quoted saying that “The Eskimos had 52 names for snow because it was important to them; there ought to be as many for love”.  There has been plenty of accounts as to how many words the Eskimos really have for snow.  Some would even point out that there is really no one Eskimo language to begin with.  Anyway, I wouldn’t argue against the fact that people that live with snow will definitely observe different type of snow.  They are basically still snow, but with more distinctive differentiators. A similar observation would be that Asian have more words for rice whereas most of non Asian people will just call rice, rice whereas a typical Asian would be to talk about different type of rice for hours (well, I may be exaggerating here – but you get the drift.)


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