Year 2 – February 28, 2013 – One More Day


This is the second winter for this hot chilly pepper – it is showing signs of hardship.  Some of it’s relatives that get to live in the tropic or warmer climate, doesn’t have to endure long and harsh winter.  Coming from the tropic, I didn’t know about annuals and perennials – plants just seems to live as long as it can until either die of neglect or old age.  Here in Michigan, plants have different life expectancy.  Left outside, hot peppers, tomatoes and most of the useful garden plants live very short life – six months would be a blessing.  I never paid attention, but I am guessing that the plants also yields fruits sooner and more plentiful here.

It is the last day of February – there are still plenty of snow on the ground and talk of another snow storm but for now – the pepper plant survives one more day – one closer to spring.


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