Year 2 – March 9, 2013 – Return to Niagara Falls


I had to stand precariously close the waterfall to take this picture

The weatherpeeps are calling for a pretty decent springlike day and certainly a call for celebration (even though that the groundhog called for early spring, we are not really seeing any real sign yet) so we headed out to the Niagara Falls, or more precisely, to Niagara Glen.  Niagara Glen is a place where one can hike along side the Niagara River and get really close to the nature.  The trails are nice (just have to be a bit more careful in winter).  The view is gorgeous and the hike was refreshing (and yes, tiring too).

After the glen we stopped by at this very interesting and huge Buddhist temple.  Prime location within practically a  walking distance from the Falls.  The temple was closed for winter (few activities) however the caretaker mentioned that the inside of the temple is a sight to see in summer.


Interesting Huge Buddhist Temple


Getting Ready to Hike the Niagara Glen


I found out that 360 Panorama Doesn’t Work Well on Busy Sky



2 thoughts on “Year 2 – March 9, 2013 – Return to Niagara Falls

    • Wow now THAT was amazing! Mine is very simple really – you take the photo 360 degree and stitch it as panorama in Photoshop and then you use the Polar Coordinate filter (seems that the only purpose of that filter is to create something like this.) I have been thinking of doing a simple walk-through on how it’s done – maybe some day.

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