Year 2 – March 13, 2013 – Meadowvale Town Centre


I was at Meadowvale Town Centre today waiting for Kelly to finish her violin lesson.  I had over half hour to kill so I decided to roam around the area.  I spent some time at the Dollarama and Shoppers just to get warm (it was quite cold out there) and some other store that I found interesting for my window shopping.  Once I got sufficiently warmed up, I climbed the top of the close to frozen snow pile and started to work on my 360 panorama.  By the way, less than half hour after I took this picture, it started snowing again.  This will be the last time I trust a groundhog to predict  the weather.

Initially I started taking the photos by balancing myself between the poles that protected a fire hydrant but then I saw this mini snow hill that I thought would be nice to give me a slightly elevated view of everything. This picture is stitched together from 19 photos.  Photoshop did great job in the stitching but nothing really compared to it’s Content Aware fill.  I used to have to use Clone Stamp to fill the sky (always seems to have to fill the sky – and the centre of the picture where I stood).  Content Aware made most of the filling task very easy.


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