Year 2 – March 14, 2013 – Augmented Reality


Humber Bay – I Would Be Happy Living in One of The Tower Here

Although this blog is called sky heart photography, I have never really comfortably consider myself a photographer.  I have been taking pictures using DSLR for over four years now and I think that I only learn no more than 10% of what the camera is capable of doing for me.  I still constantly find new interesting thing I could do when trolling for tutorials on the internet.  If I don’t use Photoshop, I probably wouldn’t show most of my photos.  ALl this time, I don’t think I have ever posted any picture straight from the camera.  The least I would do is to adjust the levels sometimes the saturation, vibrance or sharpness (not to mention creative cropping).  I consider myself more of a story teller.  I try to tell a story using photographs and sometimes, for the story to be told properly, I need to augment the photos.  So, my photos are more of an augmented reality than a photograph.

Today was a very nice day, blue sky (a  bit chilly) and I decided to drive along Lake Shore Drive and photograph some of the interesting things I find along the way. Only one of the pictures here is not a composite of one of more photos – can you guess which one?

By the way, Happy Pi day 3.14 🙂


Lake Shore Park Geese Haven – By Mississauga Lubrication Company (or something)


By Richard’s Memorial Park


Port Credit


Humber Bay


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