Year 2 – March 30, 2013 – Bend Like a Willow


Today is a a very nice day for a change and we took the opportunity to head out to the Jack Darling Memorial park.  It is one of the nicest beach front park in Mississauga.  Before we left I checked and thought that I had plenty of battery so I decided not to bring a spare.  Big mistake.  The battery indicator lied.  I missed really nice closeup shots of loons, seagulls and ducks fighting for food.  Luckily I still get at least one usable picture of the willow trees.

I have been looking for an excuse to use the title “Bend like a Willow or Break like an Oak” and I am pleased to see the willow trees are starting to welcome spring.   Willow trees branches are not very strong and they grow quite big and capable of surviving strong winds because the leaves break and bend with the wind.  A good lesson for a stubborn person like myself to occasionally realize that sometimes, bending with the wind is better than getting broken like an oak.


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