Year 2 – May 11, 2013 Flight


Oops – no flower today.  I was in my backyard and I saw a a lot of seagulls making a lot of noise and seem to fighting over something on the ground.  Being a photo blogger that I am, I immediately dashed into the house, grab my camera and started photographing away.  Although the sky was not as dramatic as that, for some reason the picture came out quite dramatic.  I like how the birds looked like something came out of photoshop.  I have never known why seagulls are protected – so I binged  it and found out that “All native wild birds in the U.S. are protected by law”

Later after I the birds are gone – my dog ran sneaked out of my backyard and headed towards where the seagulls were.  Apparently some kids left some Cheetos on the ground.  I guess I should have taken a picture of my dog with her snout inside the Cheetos wrapper.


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