Year 2 – May 19, 2013 Creeping Buttercup


Niagara escarpment is one of our most favorite places to visit.  Today we hauled our bikes so that we can really enjoy the scenery by the Niagara river.  It has a really long trail that stretches from Niagara on the Lake to the Niagara Falls and beyond.   It is very hard to keep true to the theme today because it will be really crazy to photograph wildflower amidst the magnificent view of the Niagara escarpment.

This flower is called Creeping Buttercup (Ranunculus repens). found in moist areas. Common weed of turf grass, landscapes, and pastures.  Flowers are composed of five to ten bright shiny yellow petals, broadly rounded at the apex. Flowers are up to an inch in diameter and have several yellow stamens in the middle.

Tonight is also one the nights that ones can see fireworks at the Niagara Falls so here is the fireworks.



2 thoughts on “Year 2 – May 19, 2013 Creeping Buttercup

    • Thank you very much. That’s the best angle I have to try to get the fireworks and the colorful waterfall in the same shot. I am thinking one could have a better angle of both subjects standing on the American side instead of Canada side.

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