Year 2 – May 20, 2013 Breaking Away


You would think that after riding a very long trail at the Niagara yesterday, we would rest a little bit – we didn’t.  Today is Victoria Day – the unofficial first day of summer, Canadian version.  The weather is very nice and the long term forecast is not very favorable – so we went to the Humber Bay park area and ride along the Lake Shore Drive trail.  This is also one of my most favorite places to be in Toronto.  Lot’s of green open spaces that people can enjoy.  This portion of the Lake Shore drive is littered with very nice high rises apartments.  If I get to live in one these nice apartments, I would be content.

As usual, the park is full of people enjoying the long weekend and the dandelions are in full bloom,  As you can see, one of the pod is getting impatient and starting to break away to make more dandelions.

This park is also one of the nicest place to view the Toronto skyline.  I have done a few Toronto skyline photos so this one – I tried a retro version.


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