Year 2 – May 27, 2013 Green Planet


I have never been to High Park in Toronto before.  I didn’t know that it was actually super close to one of my favorite places in Toronto – the Humber Bay parks.  In Spring this park is usually full of people coming here to see cherry blossoms.  I didn’t get a chance to visit this park in Spring but here I am now.  The park is huge and green – kinda like the Central Park in New York.  For those who have been to the Japanese Garden, you will know that I have removed the bridge connecting the trees from left to right (the bridge that can be seen from the photo below) so that this place looks like a mini green planet.

The weather is quite nice today – unlike the last several days, so there are quite a lot of people in park.  A lot of photographers too.  These pictures are taken in the waterfall in the Japanese Garden section.

I am sure one could find a lot of flowers amongst the greenery but in the event that you are looking for one – here you go.




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