Year 2 – June 6, 2013 Hitchiker


I was little freaked out (OK, maybe perplexed) when I saw this tiny create hitchhiked on my shirt.  I wasn’t aware of it and it looks ominous.  So I did some searching only to find out that is the a ladybug larvae of Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle (the cute rounded innocent looking tiny creature) – talk about your ugly duckling.  I am sure that those duckling will have nothing on this creature.

The following is a description of this creature from the insect of Virginia website : This is the fourth instar larvae (shown here) of Harmonia axyridis bear tubercles that bear apical spines. The dominant color is blue-gray to blue-black, while there is an orange patch down each side of the abdomen (occupying abdominal segments 1-5).

Aphids, scale insects, and other agricultural pests make up the diet of both adults and larvae of Harmonia axyridis.

The life history of Harmonia axyridis includes an egg stage of about four days, a larval stage of about thirteen days, and a pupal stage lasting five to six days. The development times may be slowed by cool weather.


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