Year 2 – June 11, 2013 Poised



I am not sure if I got the name of this bug correct – from what I can Bing – this is most likely an Ichneumon Fly a.k.a. Sabre Wasp.   Ichneumons have a wasp waist, and often, long, flexible antennae. The apparently    fearsome-looking sting at the end of the female wasp’s abdomen in the picture above, is    actually an ovipositor, rather than a sting. These insects are harmless to humans. The  adults feed on nectar from flowers and aphid honeydew.  I couldn’t find a reliable Wikipedia entry on this one.  So a source from would do.

I am pleased that it doesn’t look this bug is harmful to me – because I got really close with my macro lens.  I practically landed in front my view finder as I was looking for a jumping spider that I know frequented the Tiger Lily patch by the house.  I will save the jumping spider next time if it decides to grace my camera with it’s presence.


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