Year 2 – June 15, 2013 Play Ball


As promised here is a picture of baseball game that I went to.  This is a three day gig and today I spent all day taking pictures of baseball games.  Of course the only one I showed here is this picture – it is kind of sad to consider that I took about 1500 photos and weeded it out to maybe about 300 and only have one no so great picture to show.

Most of the pictures are action shot pictures and none of them I think would fit – but you are super curious and wanted to know the result of some of the pictures I took that I spend the whole 10 hours day to take – here is the new website I built for that purpose. (if you actually visit the webpage, please let me know what you think)

Why 5Tools – 5 tools is a baseball term that describes a player is one that has great speed, can hit for average, hit for power,  a great throwing arm and is excellent defensively.  These athletes are very few and far in between.  Five tool players are the  highest paid players in the game if you can even find them. A 5 tool player is indeed a rare breed. So many power hitters are very big and therefore very slow. Tall, thin, fast players don’t usually hit for power. And yet, there have been a number of 5 tool players in the game of baseball, including Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds.

Below is an accidental panning shot that I did.  Yep, accidental as in I didn’t set out to do a panning shot.  I wish I did though.



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