Year 2 – June 17, 2013 Birdies


I am back at my friend’s place – the place where I can always find good hummingbird to photograph.  The hummingbirds are there unfortunately it was raining and the sky is too dark for me to get very clear picture of the hummingbird.  The ones that I got are very noisy – I think I had to shoot at 6400 ISO to even get a half decent picture of the hummingbird.  Needless to say the hummingbird picture is quite ‘bleh’ – the solitary bird on a branch cleaning itself trying to stay dry looks slightly more appealing.

Next time when I return here, I will make sure that I do it on a nice bright day (or hey, maybe a get a better faster lens, eh?  (The lens flare is a Photoshop effect.  It is very nice that you can now add lens flare anytime you want – even on a cloudy rainy day)



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