Year 2 – June 25, 2013 Peekaboo


I finally have some time after work to climb the cherry tree and harvest all the cherries that I can.  I didn’t really climb the tree  – I use ladder and propped it against the branches.  All the while a dirty joke my friend told me keep playing in my mind (it goes like – Confucius says “fools climb cherry tree while wise men spread limbs”) – anyway, the part about fools climb cherry tree – some of the branches kinda creak and look weak when I put part of my weight on it, so I was super careful.  I have since scared all the bird away, but this squirrel seems to hold it’s ground.  It was staring at me as if I was the invader.  I was looking at it (and had a chance to grab my camera) and it was looking at me.  I was worried that it could jump me – not out of attack mode, but could be out of panic.  I could fall down the tree.  Then I would be the fool.

Glad to say that I survive the stare down contest and eventually the squirrel figured that I looked more menacing with the long lens pointed at it and it finally made a strategic retreat to the lower branches on the other side of my ladder.  We ended the stare down quite amicable, I would say.


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