Year 2 – July 22, 2013 Full Moon


Another full moon picture – it is not as clear as I would have like to be but this was the only photo I took today so I will have to make do.  I was cooped up in my house after work and when I walked out for some air, I noticed this yellowish full moon rising.  I decided to grab my camera and snapped a few photos of the moon.


4 thoughts on “Year 2 – July 22, 2013 Full Moon

  1. Nice shot, for the life of me I cannot take a picture of the moon that isn’t blown out…what settings did you use that allows the variant greys to show up? ND filter? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    • Hi Luke, I didn’t use any filter. Use the longest lens you have and considerable fast shutter speed. I usually starts with ISO 100, F11 (and adjust), and shutter speed around 200 and adjust (up and down). The one thing that helps me is that someone told that the moon is the brightest thing in the sky – by the time you camera adjust for the dark, the moon will be overblown. For proper picture, you should just barely see the moon on the LCD after you shot it. After that you can adjust the level to bring out the shadow and highlights accordingly. This one I purposely want to keep the yellowish hue (which it how it was when I saw the moon) so I didn’t adjust the white balance too much.

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